Thursday, 26 September 2013

a Halls Harbour afternoon

A second installment today of some of the pretty sites we saw this past weekend.
Now it is Sunday's trip to Halls Harbour, a lobster town with a tourist trade and some delightful cottages. We had our picnic by the docks and watched the boats slowly raise with the incoming tide.

Looking Across the Bay of Fundy to Cape D'Or and Advocate Bay beyond.
Wally and I sat on the rocks above and watched a little girl intent on throwing
 stone after stone in the water
And there it goes!
Suddenly a bee landed at Wally's feet, heavy, almost drunk, with pollen,
before flying away
And here are a few of the lovely little cottages in the village of Halls Harbour:
Just big enough for two
Simplicity: an air in blue, green and lemon yellow
a fairy tale entrance through the hedge
a charming deck with the cliff that forms the harbour as a backdrop
some people know how to have fun!
But this is what it's all about
with just enough chairs for the 4 of us though we didn't dare
and off down the North Mountain on a winding trip back home
a romantic trailing rose bush and picket fence shadows of the late afternoon
this same house, a poem of olden days at the three corners in Centreville
a late September cornfield
Rolling clouds over a field of hay bales
angles going every which way
The sky continued to amaze me all the way home
Wally says this is the effect of the ocean which surrounds this lovely Nova Scotia
Today I tackle my studio in the pale greige of Painters White that I used on the upper cupboards in the kitchen. It's such a versatile colour and I have half a gallon of it left which is an amazing indication of how far it spreads when you consider I did 2 coats on both the interior and exterior of those cupboards.


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