Friday, 27 September 2013

join me on my walk home

 What a lovely Friday afternoon it has turned into from a dreary white sky morning that threatened rain.  But even so, off I took myself for a long overdue haircut (I've been pony-tailing lately).
My walk home was deliciously slow, as I stopped to- well, not smell the roses...

for there were only rose hips left,  like these little pretties
I climbed slowly up one of my favourite hills for houses like this favourite
Unfortunately for my exposure, but fortunately for the day, the sun came out
but still I thought this sweet little house was worth sharing
and look who was watching me from across this one lane road
Here we have the literal flower bed!
at the turn in the road, Moore House 1850
Looking down from the turn is the three corner junction
at the bottom of which grow these beautiful bamboo
A festoonery of some large rose hips!
Some totally gorgeous Weeds that look like miniature chrysanthemums
A bee so bizzy with one
reducing the colour saturation to enjoy the graceful lilt of these petals
and the bee is still locked in to what is obviously a motherload of nectar.
I had to leave him to his business and carry on my way.
little and blurry
or large and crisp? I like these 2 versions of the same view
Asters like Snowflakes on Virginia Creeper
pale mauve asters, chartreuse maple leaf, dull green horsehair, shiny Virginia Creeper, purple leaves of Nightshade and its scarlet berries...a charming tapestry
more wild beauty; snapdragons and asters
Autumnal Brocade

Coming Home
Our newly painted attic eyebrow, our new roof, AND our new chimney
as I turn to go inside and wish you a lovely weekend doing what and being who you
are meant to be.


Tisa See said...

I enjoyed viewing your photo shots! The hue and contrast are gentle on the eyes. And that house that you captured is worth sharing! The sunlight that reflected on your roof, with its somehow light yellowish tone, created a dramatic effect. Do have more walks home and capture more photos like these, and share them to us please. :)


Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you Tisa, it's an honour!

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