Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Annapolis Royal afternoon

Company has come and gone but the pictures and the memories remain.
a funky tribute to maritime life on the front lawn of this home in Annapolis Royal
you can look but don't enter
a gorgeous late Saturday afternoon looking across Fort Anne to the Annapolis River
An enormous tree in the Fort Anne Cemetery
An amazing twist to a chestnut tree
a wonderful Indian import
a most amazing House with a red mansard roof
And more pictures to come of our gallivanting
I finally have my studio reamed out after all these months of talking about it, so that I can start painting. But what colour? White is too bright with the southeast exposure. Hot pink too reflective of its own colour. So now I'm considering a midtone greige. Do you remember that word from the '80's? A cross between beige and grey, basically a warm grey that won't cast too much of its own colour onto whatever I'm working on. I can brighten the space with an inspiration pinboard. The big news for me is that we are donating the old teak wall unit to my studio so that I don't have to make do with the mismatched shelving as I have been. That was Wally's idea. AND he came up with the sacrilegious solution to cover up the awkwardly placed low-hung window (typical of older homes) with the wall unit freeing up the opposite windowless wall for a long length of table and wall-hung shelving where I could strap some undershelf lighting. How very decadent, but necessary to my tiny space with all the STUFF I have!
That's the latest. Hope you are well in all you do, content with your choices.


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What? no pictures of the studio?

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