Monday, 15 September 2014

a Gaspereau Valley afternoon

Company this weekend.
That meant that Wally and I had a chance to get out.

It was Wally's idea to head over to the Gaspereau Valley.
That suited me just fine because I love to take everybody who comes to visit over to
the Gaspereau Valley Fibre Shop, a glorious wool shop in a barn.
First to greet us was this friendly sheep who came over to say hello.
Then the chickens wandered over

This gorgeous rooster decided to do the hokey-pokey for us:

"You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out,
you put your right foot in and you shake it all about."

The chickens have taken a hen-pecking, or rather, a rooster pecking.
Oh those ardent roosters.

One of the rustic out buildings as we approach the front door.
the homey interior
one of dozens of lovely vignettes
the sweet shop cat woken from her nap
Then it was off to a farm where we can get free range chicken eggs.
As we drove along the Gaspereau River, we stopped at a cow path
 to take a picture of this crazy, makeshift bridge.

I left the group at the shop where one leaves their money on the honour system -love it-
and headed back down the road to visit the animals. As I walked, a horse came towards me.
I was so charmed to be greeted by this friendly white stallion.

Such a wonderful, gentle spirit.
I felt silly to be frightened, so unused am I to being so close to such a large animal.
I was happy to challenge myself by staying with him, brushing the flies from his eyes, patting his soft muzzle, and talking gently to him. They say a horse knows. It always feels like an honour to be accepted by a noble beast such as he.

I had no treats so the group became somewhat bored with me, but not enough to actually leave.
Here the miniature horse, the donkey and the horse make an equine totem pole as they graze.
The donkey was the least interested, but oh such a handsome fellow.
The miniature horse (I believe she was a mare) was somewhat shy with me, but curious too.
 She was very loving and got kisses from the stallion.
I was somewhat sorry to leave this bucolic scene.
In parting I leave you with some giant rose hips
the interior of a wild rose
and a wild rose tapestry
Again the time is moving along. Half way through the month and we're finally getting some of that cooler weather and frost warnings that the rest of Canada seems to be getting. Already, there has been major snow in Alberta. Certainly a big difference from last year's hot hot hot.
There is a poignancy, and tendersweet bass tone to the depth of early autumn that resonates for me.
I wish you the abundance and depth of spirit that autumn brings.


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

those horse & donkey images are so wonderful: lucky you to have a bit of quality time with them

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Yes, it was a gift to share time with these special creatures.

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