Sunday, 28 September 2014

last Sunday in September

What a perfectly gorgeous weekend.
We stayed at home today to get some work done and I took a few photos along the way.

This is Muji as if he could float through Space
This is our funny Babu who can't seem to grow up. Could he be smiling??

The afternoon light over the back yard and through the deck fence
Wally widens the side garden
as our rotting tree stump (probably a giant ash once upon a time) gradually wanes away.

Eventually evening falls over the back hedge- blump
The fading light plays tricks with my camera
So I play along
The view of the field's edge toward the southeast
The eastern sky all aglow
Autumn Symphony
It got dark all too soon and Wally called me in for supper
I took some parting shots of an Echinacea Seed Head
and the wilting petals as they fade in the fading light.
These last photos are a blurry batch but I have to admit I like them that way.
Tomorrow is another day.


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