Tuesday, 23 September 2014

exotic animal safari

A country drive, and of course I have to stop
when I see these Holsteins so close to the road. (Please forgive my blurry shots.)
The donkey was actually having her face washed by the big mama who is laying down.
These are young cows, not nearly as big as Holsteins will get at maturity,
with ribs that splay like a rowboat big enough for a couple of men,
like I once saw at the fall fair in Bracebridge a few years back

These young ones are curious but shy

They are content to eye me at a safe distance with their protector donkey
She's a raggedy girl; those scraggly bits make her itchy
She begins to take a tour around the cow that washed her
and that seems to start the cow up, rear end first
Meanwhile to my left a sweet girl is showing some interest
She is wary but curious
So is the donkey

who is lured by my pathetic offering of grass in a field of grass ... which she politely snubs
 this This gives the friendly cow some courage.
Meanwhile the cow in the upper right is making her mooo-ve and wanders in
as she arrives, Donkey wonders what she missed, and is disappointed again.
She gives me one last pose
So do the two curious girls
Girl #2, in profile, departs
Ah, and who is this pretty girl?
Shy as well but curious too
She poses for me

and chews her cud
then it's off to join the others
Friendly Cow #1 in profile

arriving at the group
and who is this who just popped in?
Miss Just Popped In still munching on a bit of herbage
Lined up neatly- for cows
and another line-up to the right, I observe observing and unobserving
and now for a game of dominos
here are my first two
Ok, a parting glance at that strange woman
a parting shot of the dear cow
and the view across the road, on a September evening
Thank you for bearing with me. Not everybody likes cows. Just a bunch of cows in a field.
But for me, there will be personality if one just waits a bit. Yes, they are only cows, not some exotic creature that people might go on safari to see, but for me, there is the exotic i.e. the mystery, in every living creature, every living thing. My case in point:
 And here is our Muji who was born for love ... and sleep.


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