Saturday, 1 November 2014

crow visitors

The rain of the last week has let up for a little while here

and on Thursday morning there was some most welcome sunshine

Now we are told to expect some "weather"; a nor'easter, but so far there's just a little breeze.

 Our visitors took advantage of my raking yesterday to look for some tidbits

with apologies for the blurry photos that still capture the mood of a dreary morning.
November the first, eh? We may seems some "mixed precipitation" meaning snow, and we turn the clocks back an hour tonight, meaning shorter days for those of us who aren't up with the birds.  But with a forecast of 15C towards midweek, I expect to mow the lawn one last time, mulching in some of those leaves I missed.
 I've been thinking of changing gears creatively and hope to have something new to share with you soon.
every day a blessing


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