Friday, 14 November 2014

the evening of what's snew

Couldn't resist an update as it snowed all day and is still.

Now that's different

We were forecast 1-3 centimeters; that's about an inch.
The back hedge, that we never had time to trim, has bowed obligingly for us.
To think that I had our laundry drying in the sunshine on our line yesterday
our pretty little makeshift Christmas tree.
Wally is just home from work, a little late with the slower traffic which is a good thing when driving conditions are poor.  Supper is just about ready. Lima beans in the crockpot are done and the red jasmine rice is cooking. I'll add kale and carrots and such with a tahini and lemon dressing.
A cozy weekend in store for us in northern climes.
A pleasant one to all.


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

you might as well be back in Muskoka with all that snow.
ours has turned to slushy rain; typical Tor-on-ah

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Your weather has found us here and now we too have barely a hint of what was; just sad little piles in the corner of parking lots and under sheltered eaves. More to come though...

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