Friday, 14 November 2014

What's snew? It's snow!

How ironic to think, only this morning, how our weather here in the Annapolis Valley is about a month behind what we used to get in Muskoka,
and then:
it snows!
Though not much at this juncture on Friday morning
it's enough to lift my heart.
One never knows how long the snow fall will last or if it will even stay on the ground
 as our temperature is hovering just above 0 degrees Centigrade.
But within 45 minutes we have this!

the hydrangeas and our garden beyond
I may have to get my skis out

Wally's already strung Christmas lights around our Japanese Maple tepee poles.
and another 45 minutes later our ash sentry is cloaked. How utterly beautiful.
I hope you can get as much pleasure out of snow as I do.
If not, I hope you are taking joy in something special to you at this moment,
all so rare and fleeting.


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

true to Toronto, ours just floats around for a while.
nothing on the ground
but there are still some robins hanging about

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Robins? Aren't they a little confused?
It's still snowing here 9 hours later. Wrong forecast again. I'll be curious to see it in the morning light.

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