Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Three Big Snows

It's been quite a week for snow. None of that here-today-gone-tomorrow sort of thing. It's all stayed this time, and judging by the cold temperatures, it will stay for quite a while.

 This is a "morning after the first blizzard" shot with a window reflection.   I was still enjoying the beauty even though our snow blower blew a piston the night before.
We tried to stay positive while Wally researched trying to fix it, and then it snowed again the next day.  After hours of shoveling, Wally bought a big scoop, too much shovel for me to use, and even he  couldn't finish the job. That was motivation enough to look for a 2nd hand snow blower. 

I couldn't believe Wally's luck when he found a new snow blower 
for 1/2 price in high season on Sunday.

We all watched him from inside. Here is Babu who suddenly saw something else.

and Muji, very interested.

Since this shot it has snowed again, even deeper, last night.  Wally got off of work early as things were so slow, the roads so treacherous in many places. 
We learned that the banks were closed and who knows what else. The street is very quiet so I imagine a of people didn't even get to work today. 

This is what Forget-Me-Not Cabin looked like this morning after this 3rd blizzard.

and this evening with the long shadows ( and more window reflection...
 I can't get out the back door yet.)

as I turned I found Muji in afternoon repose.

I hope you are lucky enough to enjoy a mellow winter afternoon.


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