Friday, 6 February 2015

a snow day

After springlike conditions on Christmas Day, and snowfalls that would melt in rain a few days later,  we're finally in the midst of my beloved winter. These last 10 days have brought us a succession of snowfalls, last night being the fourth.

what a stroke of luck to capture the crow in the sunrise over Forget-Me-Not Cabin

and then these wonderful morning shadows from the deck posts and rails

The snow has all but covered the hydrangeas, some of which stand taller than I

More shadows, this time along the side deck 
(shot through the screen in the vestibule door window, as I cannot open the door yet from the snow packed so high against it )

From the other side of the vestibule, another unshoveled entrance
The massive ash tree is dwarfed by mounds of snow, and the hedge at the front is just about hidden.

Forget-Me-Not cabin around noon today, sleeping til another thaw

When I return, Muji is very demanding for cuddles.

I know not everyone appreciates this time of year. I rarely meet anyone who shares the sense of magic I feel when everything is blanketed in snow.  I'm so grateful Wally does, even though he must do most of the shoveling and blowing. The street is quiet, very quiet for a Friday. That means it's a snow day for many. Snow days always feel like a "free" day.

I hope you manage to carve out some time for yourself. It's so regenerating.

peace my friends


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