Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentine's Day message

Approaching the middle of the month, I'm always surprised by the longer daylight into the evening despite the cold of a winter that seemed to start with daylight savings back in November. Amazingly, we'll be turning the clock ahead in a few short weeks!

Today I finished up another pencil crayon drawing, one that I started yesterday, meaning to compliment/contrast my drawing, "Silent Movie", of a few weeks ago.

I call this "Flower Power", done in my trusty Laurentien coloured pencils.
It is wonderfully uplifting to play with such bright colour on such a dreary day.
It is also very meditative to work so slowly as pencil crayons force one to do.

I've always enjoyed the contrast of disparate items and how they play off one another,
creating a dialogue of sorts. I wanted to contrast flowers with a portrait. I will do this again one day soon.

While I worked on "Flower Power" I kept humming the song, "Love, Your Magic Spell is Everywhere", written for the movie, The Trespasser, in which Gloria Swanson sang on film for the first time back in 1929.  My grandmother used to sing in a similar operatic voice; maybe that is part of the appeal this performance holds for me.  Do you ever find yourself startled by the pertinence of a song you hum absent-mindedly? It can be very telling.  There is always a sub-conscious layer to all things that resonate. I have since learned to hear romantic love songs as a message of self love. 

You can see (and hear) Gloria Swanson sing here

Babu and Muji take a break.

My Valentine's Day message to you:

Love, Your Magic Spell is Everywhere


Jess said...

Your drawings are lovely! :) I like to use my coloured pencils when I'm just in the right mood for them, patient and ready to enjoy seeing the layers of colours build up. It can be very satisfying.
I like the sound of contrasting flowers with a portrait, that could lead to all sorts of endless possibilities. :)
Jess xx

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