Thursday, 5 February 2015

What Comes of Taking a Chance

The weird thing about creativity is that you don't have to feel well, or even happy to do it.
Yesterday I wasn't well, and rather grumpy as often happens when I'm out of sorts; just not feeling myself. As I surfed through some Pinterest quotes, I read:

                                                       "draw even if you don't feel like it"
so I did. 

"What have I got to lose?" I thought. "Nothing else is going to come of today."
And this is what happened:

Flower Odalesque
mixed media

Begun as a doodle on a small square of white paper, the head and shoulders with the first flower to the right were done in blue ballpoint pen earlier this fall. You can also see little words from teabag tags that I glued onto the brown paper as well. Coloured pencils, paint pens and coloured ballpoint ink pens.

I feel much better today. Must have been something I ate. (Usually is)

Here's not-so-little Babu, who I still think of as little  because he is still the baby in the family.
We had a rare cuddle soon after as he jumped onto my lap while I prepped these images for the computer. 

Have a lovely day, and
 what-the-heck, "Draw even if you don't feel like it"


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