Tuesday, 4 August 2015

summer of 1,ooo dreams

Sometimes I just can't pull the rabbit out of my hat. Creativity can be so elusive as life demands so much attention to other things. Ultimately it is the sweet space between "reality" and the Infinite in which a painting takes place. That is where it's almost like channelling cosmic energy.  Talent is a mixed blessing and too much or too little technique can render a picture lifeless.

And I wrestle with the gift. The gift of time and materials, quiet and space,  not to mention support and talent. It is a precious thing to be given so much in this life, but it is something altogether different to run with it.

To sit down with the intention of play within a structured format is a safe and happy place. Too much freedom and one flies off altogether. A big element for me is support. Thank you to those of you who give that to me. You cannot know how much it means to me....

Summer of 1,000 Dreams (graphite pencil and watercolour)
Babu being seductive. He so wanted to play this morning.
A grateful time. Hold the moment.


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