Tuesday, 18 August 2015

progress of the flowers

A little late, but I think they're worth showing: pictures from last week.

Five days ago. That would make it Friday morning.
Babu looking at Muji looking at me.
I knew it was time to document the progress of the flowers.
Here some clematis, like periwinkle stars, bloom beside the almost black hollyhocks that are almost done on one side of the composter.
a little closer

On the other side of the composter, the Echinacea are very happy
a little closer

Cherry tomato flower in a pot on the back deck
a delicate cherry tomato blossom

Mint in flower by the far fence

The adolescent maple growing beyond the flower-spent honeysuckle

The clouds over the hayfield

My favourite fan of trees under a threatening sky
a green Zinnia

a little closer
Another green Zinnia

a little closer
This is just a little snippet of what's been going on.
 A week of dreadful heat has kept me indoors. I treat this kind of weather as seriously as if it were a hurricane. I'd rather be out in a wintery blizzard than this kind of deadly heat. As long as it rains every now and then, the plants don't seem to mind.
Keeping our cool, keeping centred, honouring our blossoming nature's expression,
living in grace.
Blessings all around


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