Sunday, 23 August 2015

runaway day to Bear River

Whisked away to Bear River last week on a warm summer day

This stream of clouds ran down to the south
Follow that cloud!
Coming into Bear River, we find many old houses that indicate the history of this remote town,
now established as an artists' retreat.
The Bear River is much larger than I imagined and its namesake was once a shipbuilding town.
You can see the draw of the ocean tide on such a big river that flows down to the sea, pulling it faster than it can flow.
This same house that sits by the bridge on piers.
We park in front of our hosts' funky garage by the road
and proceed up the driveway
to their darling house on the hill
where our lovely host (of 2) received us on the porch
The ivied chimney to the left
The entrance from the inside
The stairs to the right
One of our hosts had recently come into a stash of burl, too punky for bowl turning, so he sliced it into these matching pieces
another matching set, so beautifully spalted, for box making perhaps
These are highly creative people. Our next event was a tour of their beloved garden,
English Country style
In a trance of beauty, I don't remember the name of this gorgeous spire
though lilies are certainly recognizable.  Aren't they heavenly?
These babies towered well over 6 feet
and some more pretties of a similar hue
It's hard to capture the colour of a garden and its nuances on a bright afternoon with its sharp shadows, so these vignettes will have to do. Here, a Tiger Lily with its Leopard spots.
We continued to appreciate the garden from indoors where w ere served a lunch made just for us. The art work all around rivalled the gardens for beauty. The paintings and turned bowls and do you see the little orange paper cranes that our host made and hung from a branch? Charming!
After lunch we headed down to town,
 past the great old shed that will be torn down for a new studio
a very short walk indeed, over a little bridge and
you're there
Actually this little gem stood beside the amazing gallery of spectacular high end craft and art distinctly curated by Rob Buckland-Nicks, who directed me toward some fascinating 3D computer jewellery, then set me on my mini adventure around his gallery.
And now we had to leave this magical day out.
Our hosts' home sits on its perch over-looking town.
We say our good-byes.
Thank you for joining me on this little mini holiday. I hope you are enjoying these last days of August. Til next time...
peace in our hearts


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