Friday, 5 February 2016

a mizzly, drizzly, snowy, rainy, blizzardy Friday

Good Friday afternoon to you.  Are you ready to make the most of our first February weekend?
This is a tidying time for me, organizing and setting up better systems for a stress free life.
In the meantime I've finally prepared the second batch of photos from our trip to Windsor last Saturday.

Looking north across the Avon River as we leave Windsor.

The Avon is a large river that empties into the Minas Basin, a large bay off the Bay of Fundy.
Here is the western  farm dotted shore just north of Windsor.

Loving the magical winter scenery as we drive home
a beautiful windrow 

tall hilltop sentinels 

deeper into the valley as we see the north mountain in the distance
two neighbouring farms as we get off the highway and drive through Grand Pré
westward into Wolfville
with its quaint homes

and grand ones: the Blomidon Inn 

a Wolfville darling
and finally from that day, the Wolfville Civic Building
The weather has changed vastly since Saturday, with lovely warm sunshine as you know from my last post, and then, as is so typical out here, another change yesterday- fog 

one of our winter baskets that we got vastly reduced after Christmas

and another one to brighten the view
which has since changed from this drizzly morning shot to snow and back to rain again.
I missed the cardinal hopping about behind the bench, and the blue jay shot was too blurry in the trees. The seagulls seemed to be playing with the crows over the field for a bit. Definitely a respite for all the little creatures. Now I'm hearing a winter storm warning. And so the pendulum swings.

It's a good day for a snooze as Babu makes the most of it for this sleepy portrait.
Muji is sleeping somewhere else
I'm hoping to have artwork to share with you next week. It's my favourite time of year for working indoors with the view less obscured by leaves, warm and cozy in the house.
making our happiness a priority as an act of lovingkindness to ourselves that spreads outward like ripples in a pond sending out the energy of lovingkindness in ways we may never know



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