Friday, 12 February 2016

artist trading cards for free- Birds and Tudor Roses

A lovely morning with wisps of snow blowing about. Forecast: flurries.
Even so, the sun is out and that makes the cold, -10 c. as I write (feels like -20, probably because of that ever present humidity from the ocean), tolerable.

My sweet Babu is back on the bed after his campaign to wake me for 3 hours for his breakfast.
It all seems like past history when I see his loving face, dear boy; it's not his fault that his mealtime is at my mercy.
Muji's all settled out after breakfast too. He's taken to "roaring" after he eats, like he thinks he's a lion.
That's just weird after these last two years together.
He's still my angel cat and I love the sweet hairball.

Here are the ten ATC's completed, yet to be varnished and separated.
I have two spoken for. Where are the rest of you?
Please leave a comment and your contact info through to the end of Sunday for your free Artist Trading Card in the mail. It's been a fun little project and I'd love to share it with you-
with my love


Bill and dogs said...

A free Artist Trading Card? What a wonderful idea, and I'd love to be included.
Bill Hay, 348 County Route 51, Winthrop New York 13697.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Bill! Delighted!!

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