Thursday, 25 February 2016


Hello friends, on a dreary mid winter afternoon in Nova Scotia. The wind and rain do take their toll.

Babu and Muji are having a cozy respite last week.

Muji hasn't been well- again
but happily, he is somewhat stabilized, with a healthy amount of energy
Babu was in a good mood and stretched out in front of me

The snow in this picture from that day has all but gone
as we endure the rumbling of wind all about the house
the boys in their usual mid afternoon repose

It occurred to me that I could capture Forget-Me-Not Cabin in the raindrops on the screen.

Seeing the cabin in surreal distortion,
without the screen, it dawned on me how common it is for us to mistake

our limited perception for all that is
one last look at the boys, still dozey, who went right back to sleep.
It is our duty to extract joy from life, as humble and dreary as our individual experiences can seem at times.  "Seem" is the operative word.  Looking for the beauty in the most commonplace things- presence- can elevate our experience of our lives to a level of miraculousness. 
A sense of wonder and gratitude and joy complete us as we honour our experience and the experience of the lives around us.
"What you're looking at is a myosin protein dragging an endorphin along a filament to the inner part of the brain's parietal cortex, which creates happiness. You're looking at happiness." (image source unknown)
(thank you to Jenny Mendes where I retrieved this GIF)


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