Tuesday, 2 February 2016

a trip to Windsor- Nova Scotia, that is

So now it's February, the lengthening shadows of late afternoon. I wanted to be out in this glorious sunshine... but I also wanted to get Saturday's afternoon trip to Windsor in before it's completely redundant.
When I went to take a photo of the ridiculous amount of thaw we've had in such a short time,
I saw Babu, for the second day in a row, sleeping on the bed- off his towel. He's in flight mode here, giving me a wary look because he knows I'm not happy. I wish he knew why. We'll have to work on this.

This is the shot I wanted to show you. Do you see those patches of bare grass? Amazing after...
this, only 3 days ago.
This is the afternoon of my previous post
our brave little apple tree covered in snow, into its third winter
Here is a picture of Muji as we gathered ourselves up to go for a drive. He'll sleep while we're gone.

me on my Bday

and Wally looking forward to getting away

the view across the street
From here on, the photography will be a bit blurry from a moving car and a temperamental camera- please bear with me ( did you know that "bare with me" is an invitation to undress?)

rockin' a parting shot of our house
The road looked good as we headed into town 
I wish I had a better shot of these colourful kids sledding 

the hill casts a big shadow from the southwestern sun
aspiring royalty (there are even mightier trees to come) 

the road to the highway
a gabled beauty
looking north to the chapel spire in Greenwich and the north mountain beyond
Don't you love it when the sun spotlights the trees against a dark sky?
bushes covered in snow and frost
the ubiquitous apple orchards of the Annapolis Valley
the same shot, different exposure- of course the sky wasn't really that dark but I enjoyed playing with the reduced highlight to bring up the trees
the banks of the Gaspereau River

Disappointed with the streak on the window, I still thought I'd share this sepia version of my favourite line of trees that I so rarely have a chance to shoot from the moving car

we are entering rolling farmland 

with quaint settings of homes and barns

the sun throwing long shadows
horses are blanketed on a blanketed hilltop farm

a lucky shot of another fabulous line of trees
Wally took the "scenic" route by way of Falmouth just outside of Windsor, our destination
where we found life only somewhat less sleepy on a Saturday afternoon
How spoiled we are to have our streets ploughed; we forget that some towns just don't have the budget to remove snow- or the economy to support small town business

Stores closed at 2 and 4pm on a Saturday, if open at all, seems so other-worldly to us.
We were lucky to find a sweet little new age shop that came complete with a friendly foster cat and finches called Our Mother's Keepers. The handknit socks I bought there still smell from patchouli, a scent that I've grown to love.
I have so many pictures from that afternoon that I'll have to post more on another day.
Until then, peace in our hearts.


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