Friday, 4 November 2016

October into November

It must be my age. Time seems to go so quickly these days. I pretend, sometimes, that I'm older- old- looking back on my life, and it helps me realize how precious these days- today- are/is. 
You know what I mean.

This weird sky on the evening of October 20th is, as every moment is

precious, yes, but past history
At the time, I remember marvelling at the wondrous subtlety of autumn's muted palette.

The road crew soon jars me out of my reverie
We knew the curbs would be made soon, and old timers that we are,
we expected a work crew to come by, making wooden moulds.

A few years have passed since our accrued experience and what have we here?
A curb-making machine! Just load up the conveyer belt with concrete and...out spews a CURB!!
In my pottery days, this would be one hell of an extruder.
Here some hard working men smooth and align while the cement is still wet,
tamping a board to help straighten, and running a trowel to help smooth.
Drainage gouges have already been cut.

I turn to capture the tapestried treeline that borders the hayfield out back, always beautiful.

The next morning I opened the blinds to find this funny little guy on the back railing.
Blue jays always let you know when they're about, noisy little screechers that they are.

Muji strikes a pose as I look down.

Another day and more  visitors. Note how high the curb sits from the road. I will refer to this later.

I don't know why I find this scene funny.
Maybe it's the way the big guy is eyeing up the passing fellow.

The curb worker leaves as the horribly noisy rumbling roller comes by
rattling the house and my nerves.

On the last Sunday of October, Wally called me in to find
our two little guys curled up together in Wally's chair.

On the morning of November 1st, I spoke to the foreman about leveling our lawn as only the perimeter next to the curb had been filled. It created a ditch where the water was pooling after this week's rain. It appeared that I was asking for extra attention but the foreman admitted that the road was now higher. In the meantime, he took a special chain saw and carved up a good chunk of our driveway to repave it instead of patching for the same problem. Here the digger is removing the old chunks of asphalt.

The next day started out very noisy as a crew filled in the ditch (and a water-filled hole I might add) that had been left out front of the north hedge (to the right) even more than I had asked for, levelling it up to our hedge which always sat high. I didn't notice til Wally pointed it out that they ran the fill about 2/3 of our property's width with a sharp drop, like a step, down. I suppose we'll have to taper it ourselves if we're to mow the lawn that won't be seeded til next spring. 
I took this picture the following day when it was unusually quiet. I loved  it. You can see the new patch of asphalt at the front of the driveway.

The view out back with substantial leaf loss during this week of rain.

I have buried myself in embroidering my little pictures and sewing them up with wonderful vintage patterns. That, in itself, has caused the time to pass quickly as little stitches can be so hypnotic.

Thank you, as always, for caring to come by for a visit.

peace, kindness and presence


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