Friday, 10 February 2017

a time to be present

No use letting a week of February slide by without a post when this month is already so short. And good thing that it is since we seem to be getting our winter in one big dose.  Last night a royal blizzard started while we were out, the wind blowing the snow sideways with constant vigour. It was exhilarating. We thought the streetlights beyond might be out, but they were simply darkened by the onslaught of billowing snow.

Those of you who know and/or who have read me know that I love, LOVE, the snow. Maybe it is because I was a winter baby.

My sister and I were raised on the art of Breugel, a favourite artist of my father's (among others like van Gogh and Homer Watson) so that scenes like this beyond our yard, of the hayfield in winter

remind me of Pieter Bruegel the Elder's, Hunters in the Snow (Winter), 1565
This video helps us to see so much of the story, the narrative, but what I love about it is the colour,
the rich, muted colour of a northern winter

You can barely see our cement garden bench behind the hydrangeas, almost buried in the drift

Babu has sought out Wally's chair for his afternoon nap

and Muji has that dazed look just before he nods off as I write this post

Here is the start of an acrylic painting that I started yesterday.
Those muted colours have taken hold!

a pleasant midwinter time to hold our sacred essence in grace

peace on earth


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