Tuesday, 14 February 2017

an old fashioned blizzard

Well, I said I loved snow...
and we got it!

out back through the vestibule door window

through the stair landing window towards the ash tree

out the bedroom window

Opening the front door in the afternoon shows the lavender reflection off the front door.
Later that night, the drift is a bit higher
and that lump on the hanging door mat is taking on a definite curve.

looking down the ramp, the streetlights cast some cool shadows 

The Chinese Chimes snow dipped

the snow still falling

The flash makes the snowflakes look like bubbles

In the late night kitchen I got a blurry but sweet shot of Babu happy to have me return.

As I sat down I made clucking noises to get Babu's attention who still had one ear on the front door,
wondering what was going on out there.

He still avoided looking at me though my lip popping and clucking distracted him

finally, the nose knows

and he deigned to look at me, sweet little boy (though one ear was still on the door)

The next morning the kitchen window was not so snow covered
(coloured glass "friendship balls" by Muskoka artist Simon Bisley)
(the larger plastic ball has a light in it which we forget to click on; I like it's moonlike quality)

The neighbour's car is almost completely swathed in snow

as is his back yard

Wally carved a path out from the garage and was long gone to work when I arose.

The wreath on the front door is barely recognizable;
and the curve on the hump of snow on the hanging door mat is more articulated.

The Christmas lights around the front door are unrecognizable lumps

There's a lone crow in the ash tree. Where is his family?
They usually stay in family groups. 

I worry for the wild creatures who must survive this difficult time.

Muji wonders what I'm up to as he follows me about the house.

The hydrangeas are up to their necks, the garden bench is completely covered, somewhere to the left of that round bush.

Muji waits by the hand weights.
The wedge of snow on the roof of the walk out basement is impressive.

I did a little watercolour experiment in the afternoon and brushed on some red dye ink that blobbed out ...

as I practised with my new Mermaid Markers.
The dye inks are not lightfast, but their brilliance makes them a juicy material for personal use,
and of course, reproduction.
Also shown is the Inkredible fountain pen which I used for outline here, a water soluble fountain pen ink which must be considered when adding water media.
Both products are from the irrepressible Jane Davenport, an Australian art journaling guru
who is promoting her new line of products at Michaels, an art and craft supply store in the United States and Canada. 

I pass Muji on the staircase as I return to the computer to prepare these pictures for you.
He looks so baffled today. Maybe it's the S N O W ! ! !

I leave you with two quotes that speak of self love, the conduit from which love is derived:

“Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual,
you have an obligation to be one.” Eleanor Roosevelt

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out,
but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.” Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Happy Valentine's Day my dear readers


Jeanne-Sylvie said...

It seems winter is getting wild in your surroundings! I am delighted to look at your photos, i too love snow and we rarely have some here. The one inch that fell on saturday morning hardly lasted a couple hours!It is definetely a time to paint and your portraits are lovely. By the way, thank you for the video about Bruegel, the comments were very interesting.Love the pictures of your cats, you capture their expressions so well!! Have a beautiful time painting and cuddling the kitties my dear!!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you again Jeanne-Sylvie for visiting and your thoughtful, kind comments. Winter IS getting wild; tonight we expect another snowstorm. I'll be curious to see if it dumps as much as this one. Please come get a vicarious experience of snow again as it's sure to be a doozy!

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

I heard from my neighbours who have family in N.S. and N.B. that the east was blasted with the same storms we had. But you sure had it worse!
talk about "not fit for man or beast"
I wonder if you will have the same blast of warmer temperatures this weekend that we are expecting...
the first watercolour, the experiment, has the colours of grandma's drapes that were in grandpa's room. remember?
say hi to wally

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

It IS warmer as I write this and has been sunny for several days in a row giving the slow melt that we need. And I Do remember grandma's drapes which I loved.

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