Saturday, 29 April 2017

spring birding

Here I am, intrepid bird photographer that I am with my pocket sized Sony Cybershot, with some more fuzzy pictures from my bathroom window.

I spent a long while trying to get this robin from behind the maples

It spent a long time with it's back to me once it spied an intruder in the valley

The raven has been back for 3 days in a row.

It spends its time rifling through the dead grass for things to eat.

After the rain last night, much needed, the valley is hazy with mist.

Other birds that seemed disturbed by the raven in their midst was this flicker.

The starling didn't seem perturbed at all, and with his back to the raven, ruffled its feathers
on the peak of Forget-Me-Not Cabin.

But this crow was very unhappy and dive bombed the raven who ruffled up so quickly that when I looked up from my camera, it was already back at breakfast.

The disassembled shed was taken away on Thursday evening just as Wally got home from work. Here he is bringing the doors to lay inside the shed roof that's looking a bit like a small barge.

What a fabulous trailer to hold a 9 feet wide shed roof! Thanks again Nick (in the grey t-shirt) for helping Wally drill through the rusted screws and take the old thing apart.

This is our last weekend to assemble whatever we want to get rid of for big pick up day. Wally must break up the old floor of the shed that is much rotted and I must pack up the last of the old roof shingles from the cabin. It's good energy to get rid of junk.

And with that April will be over. Time and our busy lives, not much different from the birds,
busy nesting, making meals, staying safe, ruffling nobody's feathers but our own,

and learning eventually not to do that to ourselves- that latter bit.

peaceful times


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