Saturday, 15 April 2017

springing into spring

Good Saturday Morning.
Upon asking, " Why Easter and not Wester?" Wally researched some interesting facts for me.

The only written reference is from the 7th to 8th-century English monk, the Venerable Bede, who wrote that the Old English 'Month of Ēostre' (translated in Bede's time as Paschal month) was an English month, corresponding to April, which he says "was once called after a goddess of theirs named Ēostre, in whose honour feasts were celebrated in that month." (Might as well ask how  Ēostre got her name, but I found nothing.)

Interesting fact #2: The word Paschal originally denoted the Jewish festival known today as Pesach (Passover), commemorating the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. In most of the non-English speaking world, the feast is known by names derived from Greek and Latin Pascha.

Interesting fact #3: The Last Supper, was in fact, the Passover meal, known as Seder (meaning "order" pertaining to the order in which courses of the meal, full of symbolism of the Jewish exile in Egypt, is served.) According to the New Testament, Jesus gave the Passover meal a new meaning, as he prepared himself and his disciples for his death.  He identified the matzah (unleavened bread) and  the cup of wine as his body soon to be sacrificed and his blood to be shed. 

Interesting fact #4: Within 50 years of the 1st century A.D., Paul, writing from Ephesus to the Christians in Corinth, applied the term Pascha to Christ.  Pascha is also a name by which Jesus is remembered in the Orthodox Church, especially in connection with his resurrection and with the season of its celebration.

Was Ēostre the goddess of Spring seeing that her name was given to April?
And if her name was then changed to Paschal month, why change it to the Roman name, April, when the Romans had been in England so many centuries earlier?
Language is clearly linked to history, but I think I'll stop here.

This cardinal was calling his version of April last Sunday.

Later in the week he visited again, here with our pseudo Greek bench. 

He is very shy and usually only shows up in the early morning light

so it's been hard to take a picture of him

but it hasn't stopped me from trying.

Muji waited patiently with me while I was pre-occupied.

Babu wasn't nearly as patient the next day as he circled about me

A funny shot of him elongated til I finally got the message that he wanted to

PLAY!! here with his Santa Bear

He's become quite lazy about it and doesn't jump much these days

so I doctor my shots to look as if he's flying

The "Well?" look

calmer now after a good round of play

Yesterday Wally got up onto the roof of Forget-Me-Not Cabin to take shovel off the old shingles

He hates the height, so he squatted for more security

Babu enjoyed watching Wally take out the old roofing nails with a prybar

A clean job, though Wally is debating whether to take down the chimney and put in a cupola

After lunch, the first layer of water barrier goes on

Wally still wanted to do a little planting so he left the job for the next day (today)
I took this shot to commemorate what may be the last day for our old tool shed as Wally has lined someone up to take it away.

I've always been curious about where these houses are beyond the roofline of the cabin
and across the ravine, but we've yet to find them.

Wally washes up after a good day's work. In our household, Wally has learned my father's expression, "arbeit macht leben zees"
work makes life sweet

drying up, we talk about which kinds of work do that.
I would have to say the Meaningful kind, where one feels or senses the fruits of one's labour.

a pleasant start to spring

wishing you one as well



Jeanne-Sylvie said...

Hello dear! Thank you for sharing your interesting researches about easter,i had never heard about the goddess Eostre.
Lucky, lucky you who can photography a cardinal!! I am always in awe when i see this little marvel on a picture!In normandy we have few colorfull birds, excepted the goldfinch, the woodpecker and the kingfisher(so rare i saw just one in my life!)
Spring is back and so are the outside tasks.I admire your husband's work on the roof, especially as he is not comfortable with height.And the feeling of contentment after a difficult work is the reward. I remember how i felt once i was done with cleaning all the paths in the garden, sooooo relieved it was finished and so happy with the result!Time well spent!
I hope spring is bringing you some warmth, take care my dear, be well

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Dear Jeanne-Sylvie, thank you so much for caring to comment in depth as you have so consistently since introducing yourself to me. I enjoy your comments so much. Congratulations on persevering through cleaning your garden paths! What a job, but so worth the effort as you will have so many months worth of enjoyment to come.
Our weather has turned cold again, but that will all change too soon as our area of the Annapolis Valley is known as Hell's Kitchen, good for growing grapes, but not for me. I look forward to a post on your blog to see what is new with you!

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