Wednesday, 26 April 2017

the view from here

Rain and wind today is greening things up.
And already the displaced shed is revealing bits of nature I never would have seen.

Apologizing in advance for these poor shots through the rain...

This big raven that came down to forage in the hayfield just beyond the crooked birdhouse pole.

From my vantage he appeared to be eating grass

though knowing these scavengers, it could have been some dead thing

I was confused for a while that it might be a crow

but I believe it was originally being chased by a crow, and therefore an intruder.
It's big bill is a give-away, distinctly raven.

As promised last time, a peek at my latest work in progress, in the cheap sketchbook I found at the dollar store ( where the last 2 works I've shown you were done). I decided to dedicate this book to my "whimsical girl" drawings which are inspired by Jane Davenport but not copied. One always aims for one's own style.

I continue to work with Jane Davenport's Inkredible  Pen, a fountain pen that performs with an easy fluid line.  Derwent and Prismacolor coloured pencils for the most part, but the hair was started with Sharpie Paint Pen in copper (more of a rose gold) as I'm really enjoying metallics lately. Clearly unfinished, I'll be curious to see what comes of her as I'm not feeling this piece at the moment. I'll share my progress with you.

happy trails til next time



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