Wednesday, 7 June 2017

lupin paradise

Wednesday morning, the first week of June whizzed by. It's been unusually cold, not the temperate temperatures I rejoiced in last post.

The flowers- these bleeding hearts- don't seem to have suffered though.

Wally erected a trellis for the beans-to-be on Sunday, an architectural statement.
I'm fascinated by the array, sometimes subtle, of greens.

I'd been waiting for a cloudy day to capture the colour in the hayfield. Yesterday was the day.
Though it was unusually cold, I wandered out in my pajamas ( lucky for the privacy to be so spontaneous) and approached the field, the little maple and the honeysuckle.

I am totally blown away that this is part of my world.

Looking south by southeast down the field you can see that it is only our section that has them.

I think of it like a lavender field in France, though there is no scent from them.

They have a statuesque quality about them like a Thai pagoda.

a duet

like 4 notes on a scale, with a little grace note

Wally mowed up to the giant wild rose bush in back of Forget-Me-Not Cabin

There is an unusual tree growing there

with a pretty blossom on it about to bloom

Mowing a bit around the little maple and the honeysuckle

Two little leaves are growing out of the trunk of the little maple

the honeysuckle has buds blooming out of the centre of its leaves

Some are larger than others. When they bloom, oh my, I wish I could give you a whiff.

The forget-me-nots continue to bloom around the cabin.

Wally has erected some trellises for our grapes.
We'll be lucky to ever taste them as the birds get them first.

As I turn I spy 2 or 3 little yellow birds.

Goldfinches? That beak makes me suspect Evening Grosbeaks, yet they seemed so small.

The new format of the garden

The oregano seems to be coming along fastest in the bottom left hand, but the rest is doing well.

Poppies are blooming all over town. I don't know why ours are slower, but welcome nevertheless.

The middle garden with the piece of driftwood I dragged home from the ocean.

some more allium with hens and chicks

The herb garden

buttercups, lemon thyme and chive flowers

the sage flower buds are getting bigger, but have yet to bloom

Some more babies awaiting a home

as well a these geraniums

While doing dishes, I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye.
It was the distortion in this glass that changed with the slightest move of my head.

Wally called me out to see the sunset glow in the SSE

Towards the west through the old ash tree the clouds glowed a magical peach.

As I prepared these pictures this morning, Muji sat on my lap.
That made the stretch a little awkward. He's been fed and is sleeping on the couch now.

It is a fabulously high pressure day today, not a cloud in the sky. That's good energy with all the negative ions, good for getting some more work done.

staying present, grateful, centred


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