Sunday, 18 June 2017

sunday birdies

Good Sunday Morning. Our dreary sky has turned sunny since taking these photos.
Yet it's so much fun, in the dreariness, to wake up to these birds.

the Robin on the chimney

like a sentry

a robin run to the other side

on the cabin eave overlooking the missing shed

always alert

checking the sky

a robin head tilt

a robin stretch

Then I saw two other robins land in the grass below

one following the other like a baby wanting to be fed

Then the follower turned and seemed to be quite like an adult

a female perhaps

In the little Harelson apple tree this teeny goldfinch

at least it looks like a goldfinch

but it seems so much smaller than the goldfinches I was familiar with in Muskoka

about the size of an apple leaf

that's small!
The American Goldfinch is listed as "small" at 11–14 cm (4.3–5.5 in) long
which I guess makes sense when the tail is included,
but that flitting bit of yellow in the back yard seems so wee

This is one of a breeding pair that is nesting in our back hedge
I'm so happy that they are eating bugs in our apple tree

Muji in repose
Wally is planting some shade plants on the front lawn,
and I will carry on stripping wallpaper in the "new" studio.

Thanks for dropping in. It's sweet to share these days with you.



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