Tuesday, 30 October 2012

a mid October walk

So far so good. The wind and rain is benign and normal, so I expect whatever trouble from Hurricane Sandy has gone elsewhere.  My thoughts are with those who are dealing with it.   Balance will be restored in time.

On Sunday the 21st, the day after Wally headed back to Muskoka, I headed out for a much needed walk.  I'm one of those sorry types who'd rather read a book than go for a walk, so I took my trusty camera with me for added incentive, and oddly enough, companionship,  and sure enough...

This remarkable piece of modern art presented itself

With the first sewer grate in mind, I went looking for another.
Along the way, another opportunity presented itself with this lovely civic sculpture
And this jolly one too!
 Before long I was entranced by beauty everywhere
I knew this was a possibility but, Oh the surprises that awaited me.
Talk about stopping to smell the roses...
I did just that!
I was emboldened to step off the road to capture these exquisite treasures
Kentville is very hilly so that even my slow walk was good exercise.

I was surprised by all the photo "ops" like this delicious eye candy

 And even right in town I had a taste of my beloved Canadian wilderness...

 though I'm grateful the serendipitous street art too.
Always there is beauty around us if we would only see what lays in where we look.


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