Monday, 15 October 2012

pumpkins and stitching

And hello once again from my new home in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.
It was another jolly weekend, making our way over to Wolfville to the farmers market.  We certainly didn't need much of anything but my passion for supporting the organic farmers had me buying the last of the local green beans and tomatoes we'd be seeing as the edge of the frost veers closer. (Today, though, is a balmy 20 degrees C.)

Outside the building, despite the damp cold, this young man played a spiritual riff on the didgeridoo.

A pumpkin decorating contest was being held by the vendors. These are turkeys!

A union jack teapot with a funny yellow zucchini for a spout and hollowed out gourds for teacups.
I still haven't figured out what kind of creature this is supposed to be, but delightful all the same.
a jeweller did up this small gem
and just for fun, I got into the act too.
After the market we went over to the designer food market, called Pete's, the only place I can find one of my favourite staples, grapeseed oil.
It is a remarkable store, with wonderful exotics like persimmon and Indian jujube. While most of it is quite pricey for our meager budget, there is always some extra treat we walk out with. This time it was lychees and raw cocoa nibs. Yum!
Tomorrow I will share more pictures of our wonderful weekend, but for now I leave you with this little handstitched piece I did up in my new recylcled paper sketchbook that I am so enjoying.

Wishing you joy.



barbara@sparrowavenue said...

brilliant wired tree rooted in a pumpkin world

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Isn't it though!

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