Wednesday, 10 October 2012

a new step

Here it is, another grey morning as the rumble of rush hour accompanies me. So glad you can join me again.

morning at the laptop

Yesterday I promised myself that I would have something creative to show you. Since I don't have a designated studio yet, I knew I would be working in the kitchen. As the day carried on it became a matter of urgency that I cook instead of sew.  Procrastinating is easy when one must constantly be refilling the Brita pitcher  (I can't bear the chlorine in our town water) and work at counters 3 feet high.  So to entertain myself, I decided to photograph the process of supper.
To the left of the sink a chopping board with an onion and a knife.
My new favourite: stripey beets that don't discolour my hands or stain my clothes!
Creative energy went into embellishing this soup with more and more, starting with:
lentils that cook so easily and quickly from scratch just needing a good rinse when done,
then came an onion, a parsnip, 4 small beets, beet stems and leaves chopped, a handful of sorrel and finally a handful of purple dulse (a local seaweed) that fairly melts into the hot soup.
And Voila! Yes, it was good!
And finally, graphite B to lovely recycled paper
I start my new sketchbook at 9:30 last night
relishing the soft flow of line and texture.
"You see," I say to myself, "it wasn't that hard. Why don't I start sooner next time."
And so I will. Grey days are great for new starts.
Carry on by beginning again, each step a new step, each moment a fresh one we've never had before!


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