Friday, 5 October 2012

the biggest beet in nova scotia

Hello again from our new home in Kentville.
It is the sweet time of the year when the fridge is brimming with vegetables.
Since we've arrived here, vegetables have played a bigger role in our diet as I've had to stay on top of the beautiful produce I've brought home from our twice weekly trips to the Farmers Markets.

On Saturdays we try to make it to the Wolfville Farmers Market which is housed in a long low building that is open at one end and has tables set up for eating at the other. It is always so festive there and I get a kick out of the crowds it attracts, delighted that so many people take this sort of thing seriously.

On Wednesdays we try to get to the Kentville Farmers Market as well. It is so important to me to support the young farmers who sell their beautiful organic veggies.  This lumpy beige thing in the foreground is a beet, winner of the largest beet grown in Nova Scotia, grown by Amanda from whom we've been happily buying the most lovely purple tomatoes, white beets with purple stripes and our latest discovery, Arctic Kiwi.  What fun to try these exotic varieties knowing they're so good for us too! 
Creative work still awaits me.  Today marks the 7th week since our arrival. It surprises me how early it gets dark, 7:30 already too late for a sunset walk. This weekend will afford us some time to start the renovation.  We've finally committed to a new toilet so that's another part of our thanksgiving.
I heard somewhere that if gratitude was the only prayer we made it would be enough. Like forgiveness, it is the gift you give yourself. Happy Thanksgiving.


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