Tuesday, 9 October 2012

another way to give thanks

Greetings old faithfuls and new visitors.
I send my wishes out to the world for a day of lovingkindness, both for others and ourselves. 
It has been a pleasant reprieve here in the Annapolis Valley from the bitter cold that is  now beginning to bite... until today when we have finally succumbed to  seduction of the furnace to beat off the morning chill.
The weekend, however, was glorious and once again we felt like tourists as we took in a flea market in New Minas and the Wolfville Farmers Market, and walked the main street of Wolfville, getting an eyeful of art at the Harvest Gallery and a great old fashioned secondhand book store that went on forever. Perhaps the highlight for me was picking up some India ink, crow quill pen and nibs and some vellum, as well as  some acrylic matte medium which I plan to use for photo and/or ink transfers.
Monday, Thanksgiving Day, we hit the road for Truro to visit Wally's Dad.  It was supposed to rain, but again we lucked in and had a glorious autumn coountry drive which constitutes the 2 hour short cut.
Most stores were closed because of the civic holiday. It isn't unusual to find shops set up in old houses and this one in the town of Brooklyn even found it necessary to put bars on its windows, but it still held a certain charm of past times for me.
Rocky Knoll Farms held a certain old world charm for me as well. Can you see the pasture in the distance dotted with white cows?  Just the perfect bucolic scene as the young cows watch on, a wagonful of iconic pumpkins and tapestried rolling hills beyond; I was thrilled by the beauty.

A most beautiful handpainted sign to my right...
And yet another lovely farm scene taken from the car with my 2second delay camera... hence the blurriness and, in fact, the deletion of most of the myriad of potentially wonderful photographs (sniff)  that I took yesterday that I would have loved to share with you of beautiful Nova Scotia as it fades into the future.
Today I am committing myself to play.  Harder than it sounds for me because of my history as a professional artist who always had to earn my living doing what was "successful", slowly and insidiously undoing my love of sheer play and the ensuing "failure" to be "marketable". Ironically, I KNOW there is a market for the joyous, the "naive", the childlike.   I cling to Pablo Picasso's words like a life raft:
It takes one a long time to become young.
It is certainly worth aiming for in a world where we spend our lives unlearning the intuition and wisdom we innately know as children.
I wish you joy in all you do, in all you encounter, in this moment where we can know infinity.


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