Wednesday, 26 December 2012

around the next bend

A warm holiday greeting as we come to the end of our own holiday here.

First off,  the embroidery I started last week is somewhat finished, sewn onto some lovely hand-dyed linens my sister made and sent me as "scraps". I'm very pleased with the effect. Now that I see firsthand the charm of hand-dyed natural fibres, I'm thrilled by the necessary atmosphere they lend to this piece.
A sunny day belied the damp cold on this lovely day. We decided to head out on a little trip off the beaten track, travelling up and down the South Mountain slopes that surround the communities of Gaspereau. The South Mountain also holds the south side of Kentville, and we are lucky to see its rolling hills off to the south from our home. 
Still exploring the roads we haven't been down yet, we found ourselves wandering into the Gaspereau Valley with its hillside vineyards and apple orchards.  Down yet another road we'd never been...

we came to a curious but shy group of sheep

They eyed us from a distance, diffident at best, many of them quite pregnant

unsure as to what to make of us

so I watched them and they watched me

until this dear girl came over to see what I might have for her,
but all I had were a few soft strokes on her brow;
that was obviously not what she wanted, for she promptly turned and walked away.

and so a fond good-bye to this sweet barnyard scene as we headed off down the road
 in search of further adventures.
It wasn't long before we found ourselves following the Black River, a much larger river than we imagined.  In a little while we came upon this quiet bay where the ice had a chance to firm up.
"What's that?" I wondered, but it was only a small stump in the water,
 making like the Loch Ness Monster.

This sheltered bay on the other side of the river was even more beautiful than the first.
The ice, as yet too thin to walk on, made wonderful patterns with its different layers,
 and patches of blowing snow.
The quiet natural beauty put me at my ease, reminding me of my home of the last 24 years in Muskoka.
 One of the many views of the rolling farmland amidst the forests and lakes of South Mountain.
After our 2 1/2 hour "Sunday" afternoon jaunt (for that is what Boxing Day feels like out here: a true holiday), we wandered back to our cozy home.
 Here is my latest attempt at a freehand embroidery (without a drawing or a plan), so similar to a Sunday drive, not knowing what's around the next bend.
Peace on Earth


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

It did turn out well with those bits. Are you going to mount it in a shadow box? or something?

that first picture of the sheep is perfect: make a card! (she said sheepishly)

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Didn't it though. But I can't seem to bring myself to the next stage of presentation. The blog seems to be enough format for me right now.
Yes, I love that first picture of the sheep too ("sheep". That's a funny word, no? sheeep.)

Kathleen Marie Pequignot said...

This is a beautiful and most charming bit of embroidery art. Lovely indeed. :)

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you most kindly,

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