Wednesday, 19 December 2012

it's snowing!

Ahh, now it feels like Christmas.

The view to the side of our new old house with its surprisingly useful ramp leading to the front door, the entrance guarded by two old black oak sentinels and the street surprisingly quiet.
Surprising because when Wally came in from buying a shovel and mailing another batch of Christmas cards, he said that the schools were closed because 5-10 cm of snow was due to fall. Back in Muskoka that would just be a normal day, schools open and business as usual. It is so interesting to see how similar but different this part of the world is.

The back yard where the vegetable garden will be next spring, with its overgrown hedge that we never did trim, all looking out onto the tree-lined farmfield behind us. So calm and peaceful,  just the way we like it.

A sewing thread embroidery I did on a scrap of  linen/cotton blend  that my sister sent me in the course of cleaning up her studio. What a fun and novel present she sent of clippings, and printed scraps on hand dyed cloth and other craft materials that she no longer needs.

With hopes that you are enjoying this pleasant time of year, keeping it small and kind.
Happy Holidays!


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

glad to hear you're enjoying the white/quiet of snow.
it looks beautiful but I can wait

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

That's funny. I thought I read "I can't wait" and I knew it didn't sound like you :) Wally is just preparing to snow blow; thank goodness he likes his boy toy!

Anonymous said...

Beauty pics....cant wait for sept. Love Anne

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