Saturday, 8 December 2012


As promised, I have a few drawings to share from my time away in Toronto.

Though my shots are blurry I still like this one of white berry bushes
 that grow in the laneway behind my sister's house
Taken through a raindrop windshield, another blurry laneway shot, this one of a variegated leaf bush.

And a romantic blurry closeup of this same bush
 Each night, to wind down from the excitement of the long busy days at the One of a Kind show,
I would draw in my travelling sketchbook. This is my impression of "Tanya from Ukraine" who sold her beautiful bas reliefs at the show
 with her little daughter who has cerebral palsy.
On another night (and into the next morning) I drew my impression
of  "Pat from Kensington Market" who is due for a knee operation.
I was full of emotion for the duration of my time there.  One either tunes out, or in my case, feels the enormity of the human condition when one is in the bustle of a big city.  It quite overwhelmed me at times and drawing was a way for me to vent the buildup inside. I think of the tender souls I met and send them my love.
Give your love in any way you can,


Stefanie Seltner said...

I love your drawings, they are so touching and sweet and have a strong sensibility! So much love inside.
x Stefanie

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

So kind of you, Stefanie. Thank you for caring to tell me so.

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