Thursday, 20 December 2012

without a plan

Well didn't we sit down to a Sunday kind of breakfast yesterday right after I made my last post:
 It was so festive with cut up honeydew and pineapple to go with our buckwheat blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and apricot jam, yum!, that I had to take a picture of our bounty.

All the while the snow kept snowing

Filling up our world with magic

It seemed a good day to just stay in. Wally installed our new water softener and filter
 and I celebrated by having my first non-chlorinated shower in 4 months.
 He celebrated with a glass of unscented water.

And here's our Elmo, now18 (or possibly 19) who is boss our household and usually gets what he wants because, well, we love him so.
Wally took this photo of my working away to Christmas music this morning.

And another progress shot of my latest embroidery.
I get so much pleasure watching this design unfold without a plan,
like a day trip without a map,
 having faith that all will work out as long as I keep my focus.
I wish the same for you.



barbara@sparrowavenue said...

she turned out beautifully!

but the snow... O my, time for the snow shoes

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you Barbara. I've since added to this embroidery, soon to be shown.
As for the snow, it's almost gone after torrential rain and wind last night!

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