Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Here is a drawing I made last night on a found piece of paper.

It was a loose piece of paper I found in one of 3 boxes of old Monthly Time Books dating from the mid 1960's back to the late 1920's that we found in the attic of our old new house last week. The books indicate that the original owner used to employ Percy and Max to build and repair for others.  I will use them as material in some mixed media projects, not just as collage papers, but incorporated into some other kind of artwork.
And a detail from the same piece.
I think I often like my details more than the whole work because they become necessarily abstract,
 a direction I want to explore. 
In the meantime, I have a few more pictures to share with you of my flight home from Toronto exactly one week ago.

Through the big glass windows of the waiting room at the airport I saw the airplane next to the one I'd take being unloaded. You can see the reflection of the seats in the waiting room perfectly follow the length of the plane, segmenting it as if on purpose but totally unplanned. Just a neat bit of serendipity.
Though it was clear upon take-off, we hit cloud cover almost immediately
and throughout the whole trip
giving lots of opportunity to see multiple variations
in the cloudscape, like this amazing herringbone pattern
and these great openings that show the land below
To think what appears to be so vast to us is infinitesimally small in the scheme of things
Bank after bank of varied height and density
busy sculptural bits in the distant froth
would actually be enormous
Right angle slices would drop away
creating a crater with an apparent splash around it
And finally breaking through the clouds to the wild lakelands of Nova Scotia
here is one of the drawings I did while I was away
Like many people today I am fascinated by the numbers of today's date: 12/12/12 and even posted this post at 12:00 EST just for fun. Twelve is considered the Chinese number for unity. Might I suggest we bring a little twelve into our lives.
Bless us every one.


Stone Tree Studio said...

great sketches and photos! i too am always fascinated by the clouds from above! i am so glad you had a visit with your sister, her booth looked great as well in your previous post! take care! E

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you Elise! I've missed your blog posts; love this latest one.

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