Tuesday, 8 January 2013

a year without fear

Hello again after a technically enforced hiatus.  It's hard to complain about technology when I'm lucky to have the wonderful service of blogger, and for free at that.  So thanks for checking in to see if I'm still here.
My pictures are a little dated because of the time passed,
and I'm sharing some purposely blurry ones because-well, I like them that way... 
 Our trip to Halifax on Saturday was windy with blowing snow and treacherous highway conditions 
I've taken to amusing myself, with this past year's long car trips, with taking pictures of the passing scenery. 
 The raw beauty of our northern forests and the erratic cloudscapes of Nova Scotia
 never fail to captivate me.
 I see a majesty in these forests
 and I'm grateful to have even these fleeting experiences with them
 These photos are not taken with my typical technical accuracy-
 I'm looking at them more as poems
 than as depictions,
 rather than travelogues.
 Again my Halifax pictures didn't amount to much, but once again I got some nice vignettes of the details on this old Bank of Nova Scotia building.
 What a wonderful time in history when no detail was spared.
And finally, an update on this month long embroidery on which I've been working.
It's hard to believe that we're already past the first week of January; Time and Change, those naughty twins, have tricked me again.  I find myself happily working on this same piece, determined to finish it and break my old habit of abandoning a project midway. With each new colour I add I wonder if it will be the magic arrow that will set it right. What else can one do? Persist or abandon. I philosophize that, at least, some learning will come of it.
I look forward to a year where I won't be afraid to make mistakes,
in fact, a year without fear, wtih the courage to be happy.


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