Friday, 18 January 2013

create a space

A wash and scumble of watercolour, a few smudges of acrylic, and some pen and india ink sketches are the result of my sister's urging to return to my sketchbook.

Simply drawing held no allure for me.  But using this interesting background seemed to wake me up.
and I enjoyed scribbling with the fine tipped pen that would trip and spatter on the page
in the most serendipitous ways, something I miss in my creative ventures- the element of surprise.
No surprise here, except that I never really felt like I had pulled this piece together.
I may add a little more- what I don't know- except that somehow it doesn't seem finished.
Any ideas?
Thank you, as always, for stopping by and checking in on my progress.  I seem to be looking for a niche with all these media that I try. Some, more successful than others, are not necessarily calling to me.  Process often seems more the point as positive results don't necessarily hold my attention.  On the other hand, I am tired of struggling with this particular embroidery, having pulled two hair colour stitchings out; process in this case is only frustrating. It may mean that the red line drawing on a coloured background is all its meant to be.

 What next? Maybe today an answer.
Open my heart, reserve judgement, create a space
 for love.


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

i love how the ink drawings of the women are looking back at you as if to say: " So, what's the problem...?"

They are talking to you

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