Thursday, 14 February 2013

awakening to love

Things receive their inherent worth, each of which has a dream
We've indulged ourselves with flowers
Pink Oriental Lilies
Their scent is intoxicating, their rubbery texture reminds me of the flowers from out of a Rousseau dream
that I saw in Costa Rica- already a year ago- and suddenly I'm there again...
Mother and Child work in progress

We are at the cusp of February.  I never realized before that the 14th is the middle of February.  Valentine's Day is one of those loaded days, like Christmas, where we are liable to bet  all of our hopes and dreams on one pony.  I didn't really understand why I put those words and together in the collage I posted today (that I finished last night).  I still don't.  I did it intuitively.   But I suspect, by using the baby image, that I meant to say that we awaken to our inherent value in a kind of rebirth, and within that awakening there lays a message in the form of a dream. Like a flower opening to the sun, we are born to awaken to that dream or, perhaps,  from that dream to...


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