Monday, 25 February 2013

Sunday morning eagles

A brilliant day here in Kentville today and the mercury is struggling to get above 5 degrees C.
I have many pictures to show you of our trip around the vicinity yesterday in search of eagles.

 the start to our day, a rural Sunday morning.
a winter field of brussel sprouts stalks looking out toward the North Mountain
old barns on the road to Sheffield Mills
The curtain parts on the Three Graces
a ballet of pines
Like marks on paper, I call this Farmfield Script
I enjoyed the textures of this winterfield so much that I tried it out in sepia tones.
I took so many more photographs of it; it's caligraphic lines intrigued me so much over the rolling landscape, but I will spare you the rest.
the forest's edge
winter marsh
Four X's
another side of another barn
Mullioned windows and picket fences
The Grand Old Lady of Canning
I took several pictures of this magnificent mansard roofed house when we came out here last spring to scout for a place where we might live.  This house stopped us in our tracks even though it wasn't for sale.  It was in its prime surrounded by the most beautiful spring gardens.
an awfully big tree on a street corner in Port Williams
a strange bird on the telephone wire
All these pictures are mixed up from our day out because I've saved the best (for us) for last|
the eagles!!

Wally, my hawkeye, saw a lonely little box on a post in an abandoned opening in the scrubby trees and identified it as a map box. Who knew??
And just around the corner...
Oh, but they were too far for our camera to really capture
yet one can just make out the white head of the male bald eagle who sits on a branch over that fieldscript I showed you earlier, and just below him the larger (by 2 kg. usually) female alights, her massive wingspread apparent. I call her Vee and her companion, Dot, or Cipher, hmm...
Further down the road, we were much luckier
We came to a rise in the road with some tall trees on the right.
I got out of the car to walk up so that we would not be parked on a "blind hill"
Near the top on the left sat this sweet child by his family's apple orchard
and across the road...
And a huge female bald eagle who sat near him, ruffling her feathers, preparing to fly,
 not at all happy with my snooping
and then she did - fly, that is.

Then, too, did the male.
Pretty darn fabulous
And that was all on Sunday morning.
Let's be kind to ourselves so that our well is full


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

weren't you guys lucky!
way better than my Cooper's Hawk
that last one certainly is a keeper

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

yes, we were lucky, except that it took me all the next day to edit and photoshop til I had something worthwhile. Still the experience was Fab.

Stone Tree Studio said...

So Majestic! Thanks for sharing their beauty!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Delighted to share and delighted you enjoyed, Elise!

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