Saturday, 23 February 2013

pretty details

A gorgeous sunny Saturday. I'll have to tear myself away from the new embroidery I'm doing to go for a walk and get me some of it!

Those magnificent densely perfumed lilies I showed you a few posts back have all opened and died now but for two that are still deliciously pink. The rest have faded to a whisper of purple like this one.

The delicate veining in the paper crisp petals still shows, so crepe-textured and fine.
a small cut-out of a pen and ink drawing with a little watercolour thrown in.
 I had thought it might work for a collage project I'm working on.
 a detail from the dress with lovely textures of
washy india ink.

 Much talk of seeds and gardens around here.  Vegetables and flowers.  What we really need is a shade garden, starting with the shade. Perhaps a small tree or two, perhaps a grape arbour.  Planning is key, but dreaming is too.
It won't be long now. Staying focussed on what is true.


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

lots of spring symbolism there
sweet pattern on her dress: spoonflower

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