Friday, 8 February 2013

the calm

There's a certain amount of excitement in the air about the impending storm.   Wally and I,  however, miss a good, old-fashioned snowstorm.

Winter has become my favourite season.

At 3:30 this afternoon, the calm before the storm,
and the last bit of sun we'll see for a while.
Little baby embroidery, with stitches removed and added since last time.
Oftentimes it feels that each step along the way must be, indeed, a new beginning. One must bring a sense of presence and freshness to each task, old or new, in order to find the nugget of truth that lays within, for each alone to see.  Like cleansing one's palate in order to taste something new, we owe it to ourselves to keep resetting the bar, always pulling ourselves forward toward the possibilities. 
Perhaps I'm waxing didactic, but this Present state of mind seems to be working for me as I delve into areas I'd never be if I didn't keep requiring more of myself.  For instance, I've had a great time working on this embroidery.   Because I gave myself time to see it fresh over the course of the week, I saw directions I could go in, ones I went too far in and made the decisions to remove or add the stitches necessary to bring this picture to a higher state of resolution. Even now, as I feel it is done, I begin to see what could be done to make it better because I keep coming back refreshed.   I am encouraged, and grateful.  I highly recommend it!


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