Monday, 18 February 2013

watery ink sketches

Playing with pen and ink on watercolour sponged heavy card stock...

ride a bunny measures almost 4 inches x 2 1/2 inches
but it looks rather nice enlarged like this
catgirl is done in the same medium, measuring 3x4 inches

and scribbbleportrait is done in the same medium again, 3x4 inches
A windy day here, enough to blow you over.  A good walk in a big box store set me up for the day.
I'm a happier person for getting some exercise this time of year when the walkways are icy treacherous.  Midwinter is a time of inwardness, biding my time til sweeter weather comes.  Drawing, writing, reading, radio for company and pots of tea.  Keeping warm and focussed on what matters.


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