Wednesday, 20 March 2013

a day in spring

a snowy first day of spring... but I don't mind

I do love the snow, love it

maybe it's because I was a winter baby

I love the little chickadees
I love their cheery call, "chicka-dee-dee-dee"

and I've taken a liking to the junkos, they cheer me too

meanwhile, indoors, it's pink, the hyacinths
and some stitching
Pink is lilacs and hyacinths,
and babies' lips, and fingertips,
Pink is rosebuds and peonies
  and oriental lilies
 the gemstone rose quartz,
and pink-tinged clouds at sunset in the eastern sky
 Pink is a kitten's nose
and a baby's toes.
Pink is the colour of love
spring is rebirth



barbara@sparrowavenue said...

wow: amazing shots
how did you get so close?
the bird houses are wonderful; they look like they're blowing in the wind: very funny
(hate lilies: they stink after a while)
but the owl and embroidery is inspired
and that window too

sorry, I'm a bit all over the place

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks Barbara. My neighbour feeds the birds and when they come to our hedge inbetween I can photograph them through the window (and crop a close-up in Windows Live Photo).

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