Thursday, 7 March 2013

joy as a sidedish

Well, isn't that just the way; as soon as I feel I can't go the extra mile, there I go and find my way back to my source. It's like saying "I'll never fall in love again" and then you do. Of course, the trick is not to go back to what you know but to be open to what is possible.

5 babies 5 girls
  Right after that post 2 days ago, I got out my sketchbook and started pencilling in the 3 equal proportions of a baby in circles: head, body, legs. Then I went over my drawings in white ink and crow quill. "Oh that's nice". Then the little girls followed with double circles for their bodies and legs, and more white outlines. "Oh no, a blob on #4's head; now what shall I do? Should I even bother to go on?" But I did, blobbing black ink as I went because the crow quill doesn't like the soft paper in my sketchbook.  I carried on.  And somewhere along the way I realized the mistakes worked for me in a way I wouldn't have done on purpose!
As my friend Pam would say," an answer to a question we didn't know we asked."
At the end of the day, COLOUR !
to clear the palate
certainly not the palette!
a joyous day is a choice
that comes as a sidedish to doing what we love


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