Saturday, 23 March 2013

a doodle state of mind

We were the lucky ones to miss the terrible snowstorms forecast for the end of this week and got lots of sunshine instead. Still there were grey spells as the weather moved in.
We took a trip out for various supplies, and were lucky to get 14 grow bags of spent mushroom compost- with mushrooms still in them! I've never eaten a perfectly fresh mushroom. What a difference from store-bought. 
 Along the drive we found this rickety old garage with Wally's birth year on it. Had to have a picture of that!
This amazing old barn alongside an apple orchard is for sale. 

In back of our home the field was covered in snow crop circles.
(Actually they are the tire tracks from the ATV that the neighbourhood kids ride
 when they're not out on snowmobiles.)

Last night I amused myself in my moleskine notebook while out with fellow artists.
It was a long, late, noisy night but thankfully I entertain myself very well these days.
Today I'll work/play painting up a doodle of sorts (meaning it was done with intention which sort of takes the doodle out of it, though I tried (that's an oxymoron too) to be in a doodle state of mind.)

have a lovely lovely day 


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

great barn: convert to studio space with sky lights and everything!! just dreaming

sweet elephant

Art heard that Kentville was suppose to have gotten hit with snow. Funny how that works sometimes.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Here's the irony: it's snowing today-Sunday- unforecast. Isn't that barn so so beautiful!

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