Tuesday, 12 March 2013

spring is in the air

Spring's a-comin' in...

a view across the Avon River at low tide from Windsor on our way home from Halifax
While I haven't been too happy with my paintings of late (probably because I'm treating my watercolours like gouache), I thought this detail of one came out nicely.
as did this March Hare
centred in this moment


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

great rabbit: more animals

Anonymous said...

The hare is absolutely delightful!!

I love how you use colour...with what appears to be "gay abandon"...no prescribed rules but more "as the spirit moves".

Keep on doing...it gives brings a smile to my face of joy and pleasure!

Thank you...Barbara

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

My 2 Barbaras, together at last. Thank you both for your compliments. So kind.

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