Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A day trip to Halifax and La Sirena Gorda

It wasn't the best weather for working in the garden 2 Saturdays ago so we took the afternoon off to go to Halifax.

With no particular plan, we found ourselves right at the south end of Halifax at the beautiful gates to Point Pleasant Park.

It was a touch too cool for a walk

and besides, I was hungry, so we ate our picnic lunch in the car with this magnificent view at the Harbour Look Off on the other side of the park.

what a well-to-do neighbourhood surrounds the park, mostly made up of older houses, and this humble cottage

It's rare that I show other people's art, but in fact this was a group effort by children at the Nova Scotia College for Art & Design's (NSCAD) Open Doors that we accidentally stumbled upon.

I was really taken with these bright colours, colours I've been seeing in the Mermaid Circus online class I've been taking, so I found myself buying some neon acrylics later in the day.
George's Island (there's a story there but I don't know it) as seen from a window at NSCAD
and a little sailboat sailing off to the right of the island
Downtown Halifax on a foggy Saturday afternoon
brick shadows of a bygone wall

art is all around you

No wonder Wally doesn't want to take the bridge home... you can't tell where it goes!
Now here's something that's only recently dawned on me.  These containers that come loaded with goods from other countries, piled on ships up to 10 boxes high! are the very containers one sees on a train.  And then all those trucks that haul freight all over the continent, those "Tractor Trailers" ? The trailers are also loaded with these containers. See the giant cranes through the fog, like creatures out of Star Wars?  They lift the containers out of the ships and stack them once again on top of each other in the freight yards. Amazing.
many blurry and/or foggy photographs later, we make our way past the Avon River at low tide

and up our street, home.

You can hardly tell the difference between that day almost 2 weeks ago and today, except that there are more leaves on the trees and our little garden is coming along. Yesterday Wally put in the tomatoes and some blueberry and raspberry bushes. He's still trying to figure out where to put the little peach tree that stands in its pot in the far corner.
and me, well today I've been sketching La Sirena Gorda, the Fat Mermaid, our latest exercise at
Blessings All


Anonymous said...

Oh what fun you seem to be having there. I'll miss you this weekend as I sit underneath the flowering trees in Guelph. I'll check back here from time to time to see what amazing things you're up to. I'm still game for a property swap some day! Elsa

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Hi Elsa! The Potters Market in Guelph still stands as one of my favourite shows ever. I feel wistful about not being there; such a sweet tradition of which you were a huge part!

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